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[Discography] Daichi Miura

Miura Daichi (三浦大知), or just DAICHI, is the former lead singer of Folder, where he was dubbed “Japan’s Smallest Soulman”. His showbiz career began at the age of 9 when he wowed audiences with his slick dance moves and strong singing chops. Miura took a break from the music business …

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[Discography] MY FIRST STORY

MY FIRST STORY is a Japanese rock band formed in 2011 in Shibuya, Tokyo under the label Intact Records. They released their debut self-titled album, My First Story, on April 4, 2012. Their members are: Hiro, Nob, Sho, Teru & Kid’z. ·ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY: [2012.04.04] MY FIRST STORY MEGA | Userscloud …

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[Discography] BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL is a sub unit of the idol group Sakura Gakuin. They are the second sub unit to debut from the group, following Twinklestars. Their concept is a fusion of idol pop and metal. The members are: SU-METAL, YUIMETAL, MOAMETAL. ·ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY: [2014.02.26] BABYMETAL MEGA | Userscloud | Zippyshare [2016.04.01] …

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[Alexandros] is Japanese rock band. They were formerly known as [Champagne]. The band announced their major debut in 2014, they’re now signed with Universal. Their members are Kawakami Yoohei (Vocals), Shirai Masaki (Guitar), Isobe Hiroyuki (Bass) & Shoumura Satoyasu (Drums). ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY: [2010.01.20] Where’s My Potato? MEGA | Userscloud | …

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[Discography] KOHH

KOHH is a Japanese hip-hop and rapper in Tokyo. He first started out as an indie artist, and now he is signed by Blacksmith Production. He is one of the rising hip-hop stars in Japan. He has collaborated with renowed acts such as American singer-songwriter Frank Ocean and Utada Hikaru. …

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[Discography] Aimer

Aimer is a Japanese pop singer-lyricist signed to SME Records and managed by FOURseam. She made her major debut in September of 2011 with the single “Rokutosei no Yoru / Kanashimi wa Aurora ni / TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR”. She was born in Kumamoto. · ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY: [2012.10.03] Sleepless Nights …

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Ayana Taketatsu (Discography) [MP3]

CLICK HERE to see more Downloads of Taketatsu Ayana   Anime Discography Character Songs [2009.12.23] Rio Sound Hustle! -Mint Mori- [2010.06.25] Mayoi Neko OVERRUN! Character CD3 – Kiriya Nozomi [2010.11.17] Kaminomi Character CD.1 Ayumi Takahara MEGA – 1Fichier MEGA – 1Fichier MEGA – 1Fichier [2011.08.12] Yuru Yuri Character Song 00 …

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LiSA (Discography) (MP3)

LiSA (Discography) (MP3) Risa Oribe better known by her stage name LiSA (an acronym of Love is Same All), is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter from Seki, Gifu, signed to Aniplex under Sony Music Artists. After aspiring to become a musician early in life, she started her musical career as the …

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OrangeCoffee (Discography) (FLAC)

OrangeCoffee (Discography) (FLAC)   Password/ Contraseña: kopimi クロシロ Delight Clockwork MEGA MEGA MEGA Brickwall Azure The Lounge Map 1 – Morning Coffee Set MEGA MEGA MEGA The Lounge Map 2 – Afternoon Tea Set The Lounge Map 3 – Evening Caffellatte Set The Lounge Map Extra – Night Latte Macchiato …

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Kikuo Sound Works (Discography) (FLAC)

Kikuo Sound Works (Discography) (FLAC) Kikuo (きくお) is a producer with steady popularity. His songs are known for having dark subjects paired with upbeat music. His use of unique instrumental textures, harmonies, and sound effects, along with a high level of attention to detail, gives his music a singular sound.He …

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Akiko Shikata (Discography) (FLAC)

 Akiko Shikata (Discography) (FLAC) Password/Contraseña: kopimi Albums [2005.07.20] Navigatoria [2006.10.25] RAKA [2009.03.18] Harmonia MEGA MEGA MEGA [2013.10.23] Turaida MEGA   Mini Albums [2008.08.29] うみねこのなく頃に [2010.09.29] 謳う丘 ~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor~ [2010.10.16] Pantalea Concert Extra CD MEGA MEGA MEGA [2011.07.08] 白夢の繭 ~Ricordando il passato~ [2012.07.27] ライラニア [2013.03.24] LAYLANIA Another Storys [moon*birds] MEGA MEGA …

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ALiCE’S EMOTiON (Discography) (FLAC)

ALiCE’S EMOTiON (Discography) (FLAC) Password/Contraseña: kopimi 2005.12.31 – OTONOISHI 2006.08.13- Otonoishi 2 2006.10.09 SUGURASHI MEGA – 1Fichier – Mirror MEGA – 1Fichier – Mirror MEGA – 1Fichier – Mirror 2006.12.31 – Atomic Ray 2007.04.29 – RHYTHMIX 2007.04.29 – 歌-HiME MEGA – 1Fichier – Mirror MEGA – 1Fichier – Mirror MEGA …

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[Discography] Wagakki Band

  Wagakki Band (和楽器バンド) is a Japanese rock/traditional instruments band. The band consists of seven musicians and a vocalist who fuse traditional Japanese instruments with contemporary rock. · ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY: [2015.09.02] Yasouemaki (八奏絵巻) MEGA | Userscloud | Zippyshare · MINI ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY: [2013.11.17] Joshou. (序章.) MEGA | Userscloud | Zippyshare …

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[Discography] Gen Hoshino

  Gen Hoshino (星野源) is a Japanese actor, musician, and writer. He was the leader of the now defunct instrumental band SAKEROCK. He became one of the most prominent figures in Japanese music in 2016, with his hits “SUN” and “Koi”. ·ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY: [2010.06.23] Baka no Uta (ばかのうた) MEGA | …

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Masami Okui (Discography) [MP3]


[1995-04-21] Gyuu MEGA 1Fichier [1996-09-21] V-sit MEGA 1Fichier [1997-09-26] Ma-KING MEGA 1Fichier [1998-09-23] Do-can MEGA 1Fichier [1999-06-04] BEST-EST MEGA 1Fichier [1999-08-27] Her-Day MEGA 1Fichier [2000-08-23] NEEI MEGA 1Fichier [2000-11-23] Li-Book 2000 MEGA 1Fichier [2001-03-21] S-mode #1 MEGA 1Fichier [2001-08-29] DEVOTION MEGA 1Fichier [2002-09-04] crossroad MEGA 1Fichier [2002-11-22] angel’s voice MEGA …

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Undead Corporation (Discography) [FLAC]

    Password: kopimi 2010.08.14 [ANCO-0001] Gensou Sato Kara Chou Koutetsu Omo Tei Bakuon [C78] MEGA 1Fichier 2010.10.31 [ANCO-0002] Mangetsu no Yoru ni Chousenritsuteki Juutei Bakuon [M3-26] MEGA 1Fichier 2010.12.30 [ANCO-0003] Gokutetsu [C79] MEGA 1Fichier 2011.05.01 [ANCO-0004.5] Rare Tracks [M3-27] MEGA 1Fichier 2011.05.08 [ANCO-0004] Oni Togizoushi [Reitaisai 8] MEGA 1Fichier 2011.08.13 …

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Melodic Taste (Discography) [MP3]

  Specializes in orchestral arrangements of anime songs and Touhou music. 2010 – Anime Song Orchestra Vol. I MEGA 1Fichier 2010 – Sennen Gensou Koukyousai MEGA 1Fichier 2011 – Anime Song Orchestra Vol. II MEGA 1Fichier 2011 – Kikou Gensou Symphonica MEGA 1Fichier 2012 – Anime Song Orchestra Vol. III …

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[Discography] sifow

  sifow (シーフォウ) is a Japanese pop singer signed under the avex trax music label. Instead of taking the pop genre formula, she seems to experiment a lot with eurobeat, mixed with trance and with a hint of fantasy. It is reminiscent of the musical genres which were typically used …

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