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Clammbon – yet Single

Clammbon – yet クラムボン (Download) File Size: 30MB / ZIP / (MP3/320K) Release (2015.02.11) / Catalog Number COCA-16978 [Download MP3] Mirrors Links   Clammbon brings a single made by collaboration with Yoko Kanno. Yoko Kanno is responsible for strings arrange.   Tracklist 1. yet 2. サラウンド-出戻Re-mix- 3. yet-instrumental    

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YOKO KANNO produce Cyber Bicci

Ila – YOKO KANNO produce Cyber Bicci (Download) Vocal project by Yoko Kanno featuring Ilaria Graziano, an Italian singer who has gained popularity with the release of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex & COWBOY BEBOP and the subsequent original soundtrack, written by Yoko Kanno. (MP3/320K) Release (2011.06.08)  Download DL …

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Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack 2 -crystalized-

残響のテロル オリジナル・サウンドトラック 2 -crystalized- (Download)  Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack 2 -crystalized- // Music Composed by Yoko Kanno (MP3/320K) Release (2014.10.22)  Download pass:ajikan91   Tracklist 1.Trigger 2.kvak3.crystalized 4.cket 5.ioloi 6.wihelm7.ドブと小舟と僕らの神話(Full Ver.) 8.velle 9.orfn 10.juno 11.wolke 12.alois13.future terror 14.vad 15.pcp 16.vial 17.elan 18.誰か、海を。    

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