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[Discography] MY FIRST STORY

MY FIRST STORY is a Japanese rock band formed in 2011 in Shibuya, Tokyo under the label Intact Records. They released their debut self-titled album, My First Story, on April 4, 2012. Their members are:
Hiro, Nob, Sho, Teru & Kid’z.


[2012.04.04] MY FIRST STORY

MEGA | Userscloud | Zippyshare

[2013.02.06] THE STORY IS MY LIFE

MEGA | Userscloud | Zippyshare

[2014.10.29] Kyogen NEUROSE (虚言NEUROSE)

MEGA | Userscloud | Zippyshare:

[2016.06.29] ANTITHESE

MEGA | Uptobox | Zippyshare


[2013.07.03] Saishuukai Story (最終回STORY)

MEGA | Uptobox | Zippyshare

[2014.07.16] Black Rail [MP3 V0 VBR]

MEGA | Uptobox | Zippyshare

[2014.09.24] Fukagyaku Replace (不可逆リプレイス)

MEGA | Uptobox | Zippyshare

[2015.08.05] ALONE

MEGA | Uptobox | Zippyshare

[2016.06.15] Missing You

MEGA | Userscloud | Zippyshare

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