Wednesday , April 26 2017

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click on download button

it will ask for password, just simply enter the password in it. note, every post may have different password.

after enter the password then click unlock,  if your password is correct, then you’ll see the links.

in the picture above, you will only see the hostname of every link, to go to the link just click the paperplane symbol in the right side.



From [hide referer]

please disable or whitelist from your adblock before continue downloading. or you will see something stupid like :


yep, our developer is stupid as hell. don’t worry, on there are only banner ads, no stupid popup ads.

after you disable your adblock or whitelist from your adblock, then reload it. then you’ll see CONTINUE button :


click on CONTINUE button then you will get a DOWNLOAD NOW Button, click it, then you will redirected to the link




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