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TRIBUTE TO 164 (Album)

TRIBUTE TO 164 (Download)

File Size: 136MB / ZIP / (MP3/320K)

 Release (2015.10.21) / Catalog Number QWCE-519

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Tribute album to 164 includes 14 tracks total, featuring various vocalists/composers such as Mikito P, Glutamine, YM, HYBRIDSENSE, and Chocho P. Also includes “Equal” by 164 and RYOTA.



1 天ノ弱
2 ミスターデジャブ
3 走馬燈
4 4時44分
5 希望の橋と自由の魔法
6 リセット
8 青
9 ジーニー
10 madder sky
11 heavenly blue
12 shiningray
13 迷妄少年と小世界
14 end tree

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